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We develop and deliver high-impact solutions for every type of organization, anywhere in the world. We have established and maintain an impressive global network of specialized affiliates with one aim in mind – to help businesses achieve their dreams, one employee at a time.


In our work with our clients we insure that they have access to the extraordinary expertise and diverse talents represented by our partners worldwide.

Blaine Bartlett
President and CEO


Blaine is President and CEO of Avatar Resources. He founded the firm in 1987 and since then has led the company in developing a footprint that is truly global.


He has established a web of relationships with our Affiliate Partners that spans decades and transcends national boundaries and cultures. As a result our clients have access to an incredibly wide pallet of talent and experience.


Additional information about Blaine is availalble here.

Katherine Handin
Global Coaching Alliance

Katherine is the Founder and CEO of Global Coaching Alliance, LLC (GCA). As a corporate communications and marketing specialist she managed the successful development and execution of multi-media marketing presentations and performance coaching to a full range of corporate and financial clients.


GCA’s access to global talent is their greatest asset and competitive advantage. Their international alliance of executive coaches and leadership development specialists are certified, trained, and fully committed to producing results. This talent pool includes thought leaders, published authors, and former executives, including some who sit on credentialing committees of coaching associations around the globe.


Chris Lam
CEO Invision Group


Chris is the CEO and co-founder of InVision Group. Chris and his firm are our newest partner and the relationship represents a significant investment in the fact that China is one of the major economic forces of this century and beyond.


Headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in numerous cities in mainland China, InVision is one of the largest providers of HR development resources to small and mid-size companies in the Chinese market. Chris' background in training and development coupled with his knowledge of China and its diverse culture makes it possible for us to tailor what we provide for our clients in ways that quickly produce results.

Rinaldo Brutoco
World Business Academy

Rinaldo Brutoco is Founding President of the World Business Academy, a non-profit think tank and network founded in 1987 with the mission to educate and inspire business leaders to take responsibility for the planetary whole. Since then, the Academy has continuously published cutting-edge articles and books that address the role and responsibility of business in relation to the critical moral, environmental and social dilemmas of the day.


Core areas of the Academy’s work include sustainable business strategies, the challenge of values-driven leadership, development of the human potential at work, innovative best practices within new business paradigms, and global reconstruction.

Together with the Academy, Blaine Bartlett in 2016 founded the Institue for Compassionate Capitalism as a mechanism to pragmatically further the tenets of Compassionate Capitalism.

Olli E. Juvonen
CEO at Goldbusters Oy


Olli E. Juvonen is the founder of GoldBusters Oy, a well respected turnaround and interim service providing Scandinavian company, which was founded in Japan in 1990 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Olli has a 39 year experience with turnaround initiatives and is one of the most experienced interim CEOs in Northern Europe. He has worked in this capacity with over 100 companies in his career. Out of the 100, only 2 closed! He is fluent in 5 languages, has been to 60 countries and worked as interim CEO from China to UK and in-between.

Tamai Tokutoro
Chairman Nisouken


Tamai Tokutoro founded Nisouken in 1986. Our relationship with Nisouken began in 1987 with them as one of our clients. It quickly evolved into an extraordinary partnership. Nisouken today is arguably the largest provider of HR services and resources in the Japanese market.


The author of numerous books on management, leadership and business, Tamai-san's passion and drive have resulted in Nisouken achieving the unique distinction of being an ISO certified services firm and, as a consequence, in our flagship leadership development program being ISO certified.

The Unstoppable Foundation is our social responsibility partner. Their mission is completely aligned with our mission to bring Compassionate Capitalism to all parts of the world through education, training, responsibility, and awareness.


The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone.


Their Mission: To ensure EVERY child has access to the life-long gift of an education.

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