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We believe that every organization contains the essential elements for great, sustainable performance. At the core is the human element.


We believe in the evolutionary process of creating environments in which behaviors, assumptions and beliefs that limit or expand the human experience are explored.


We believe that when individuals act out of inspiration, they express their full, unique potential in remarkable ways and, in turn, inspire the same of others.


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Blaine Bartlett


The power of the idea of Compassionate Capitalism can be brought to life for your organization or conference. Avatar Resources CEO Blaine Bartlett frequently speaks on this and other topics.


His keynotes are inspirational, pragmatic and extremely thought provoking.


~ Mark Victor Hansen, NY Times Best Selling Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The One Minute Millionaire: “Blaine Bartlett is a leadership genius who delivers incredibly great content and results! His grasp of his material and his ability to engage audiences is spectacular. In short, he’s a consummate professional who is both relevant and effective.”


Ed McLaughlin, Former Chairman & CEO, United Systems Integrators Corporation (a Johnson Controls company): “…thank you for being a 'world class facilitator' and a top-quality human being. Every time I think of one of the most challenging business issues I have ever faced, I think of you and the way that you handled things – so fair and decent and direct.”


Daniel Griesemer, CEO, Gymboree: "Blaine Bartlett is a global transformational thought leader who's ideas have significantly benefitted many of the world's most successful companies and executives. He has the extraordinary ability to connect the dots and his concepts and style are both brilliant and approachable at the same time."


~ Janet Bray Attwood, NY Times Best Selling Author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches: "Blaine Bartlett’s presentations and programs are some of the best of their kind. He’s entertaining, enlightening and exceptionally engaging. He is a world class facilitator and thought leader in the areas of leadership and the development of high performing organizations.”


If you want to engage your organization or your audience in what the future holds

Blaine's keynotes are the place to start.


Book him today by clicking here.



We believe that intentional and conscious leadership is fundamental to sustainable success. We define leadership as being the "activity of co-creating coordinated movement that causes actions necessary to produce desired results."


In most organizations the development of this critical ability typically does not occur. Working with our clients we clarify the consequences of ignoring this crucial area in a rapidly changing environment and, through the use of a simple model, introduce ways in which all members of an organization can learn and begin to actively exercise appropriate leadership.

Avatar Resources’ leadership development programs are practical in nature and are based on some of today’s most recent and compelling research. We have designed and delivered leadership programs for some of the largest organizations in the world. These programs are recognized for their ease of application and immediacy of impact. The quality of our leadership programs has resulted in ISO9001 certification through our Nisouken affiliate in Japan.

Our flagship program - Developing Authentic Leadership - is unique in its content, developmental approach and impact. The four dimensions addressed in the program are:




Personal Mastery


Key Benefits

Greater employee engagement, involvement, and participation

Less reliance on “formal” leaders to move results forward

Faster response times and decision implementation

Improved problem identification and problem solving

Improved intra- and inter-team functioning

Reduction in cycle times



The intent of our coaching programs is to produce extraordinary results by impacting individuals in ways that influence how they think, approach life, and work together with others.


Most successful executives are very clear about what they want for and from their organizations. However, most also experience occurrences of “transmission loss” when communicating this to the rest of their organization. The consequence is typically lack of coordinated movement accompanied by blame and frustration.


Our executive and leadership coaching processes focus on identifying the sources of this transmission loss. We work with our clients to develop sustainable ways to minimize both its occurrence and the likely consequences. The result is a dramatically enhanced level of personal and organizational effectiveness, personal integration and life balance.



Teams are the main “tool” utilized for the creation of results in almost every organization. As with all tools, success with its use requires that attention be paid to the tool's design and maintenance of the tool’s integrity.


The design and development of high performance teams requires very specific attention to a number of key dimensions. We work with clients in specialized forums to enhance the effectiveness of existing teams and introduce processes for accelerating the development of emerging teams — both traditional and “virtual”.


Key Benefits

Quickly assess and improve any team’s overall effectiveness 

Improved relationship dynamics among team members 

Enhanced ability to recognize, surface, and utilize naturally occurring conflict 

Tools to deal with chronically “problem” members of any team

Solutions to the unique difficulties encountered by virtual teams 



The rapid rate of change we experience today is not the problem that many assume it to be. The overlooked problem with change is what change does to relationships within an organization.


Our focus in assisting our clients to implement strategic change is to address the shifting relationship dynamics that are produced by the change. It’s our view that the successful implementation of change is dependent on the existence of high quality relationships within an organization. We work with our clients to introduce structured ways of quickly developing effective working relationships that will foster and support the implementation of change. 


Key Benefits

Reduce time needed for successful implementation of change 

Develop strategies for effectively handling naturally occurring resistance 

Learn to use effective leverage points in quickly moving others to support the change 

Improve levels of active participation and emotional engagement in implementing the change

Reduce the polarizing effect of “us/them” that stymies many change efforts 



Our approach to organizational development is a process of designing from the inside out.  It is built around our definition of sustainability – developing the capacity to continuously start over.


Our approach is designed to make it possible for change to become an organization’s greatest ally. The challenge we work with our clients to meet is preparing their people to live, work, and thrive in the face of increasing ambiguity and accelerating rates of change.

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Leadership Development
Team Design
Strategic Change
Org. Design

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