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The following videos represent samples of our work as well as other resources that we are pleased to make available for your use.

The Leadership Paradigm that is the key to creating emotional engagement and high levels of employee engagement is knowing how to move beyond vision/strategy/tactics and into the true spirit of the organization.

A Mission With A Business or a Business With A Mission. The difference is far more than purely one of semantics...this is a difference that determines whether your company not only survives but is also positioned to thrive.

The Merchant Priest is the business leader for and of the future. This is from the 4th Dimensional Leadership Program in which I describe the type of leader tomorrow's businesses need.

This is a presentation about the Soul of Business. It was part of a Modern Day Millionaire program held in New York City in November 2016. Avatar Resources CEO Blaine Bartlett was preceded on the program's stage by Bob Proctor and Reverend Michael Beckwith and followed by Mary Morrissey and Unstoppable Foundation founder Cynthia Kersey.

In this clip Avatar's CEO Blaine Bartlett presents a short description of goal structures from a keynote he gave to the China Coaching Association in Beijing in 2016. The type of goal you set has the power to keep you and your organization stagnant or to compel amazing growth.

This is a clip from the Power of Inquiry Series which is part of the CONSIDER THIS movie.


In this clip Avatar's CEO Blaine Bartlett presents some thoughts on Western Civilization, contemporary business practices and relevant lessons from Indigenous teachings…all germaine to a more intentional move to Compassionate Capitalism.

This is a Compassionate Capitalism talk Blaine Bartlett presented to the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders in October 2013.

Compassionate Capitalism defines value creation in a very specific way…and profit is not at the top of the list.

This is a promotional introduction to our new Fourth Dimensional Leadership program The clip highlights the general context and intent of the program.

This is a clip of Blaine Bartlett from an introduction to our new Fourth Dimensional Leadership program being developed with Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute. It was filmed in Toronto in February 2016. The clip highlights an aspect of one of the core topics of the program - causation and its relationship to co-creating coordinated movement.

Compassionate Capitalism isn’t just a theory…it’s actually beginning to take root is some very unexpected places and ways. It begins with the “hero’s journey” on a personal level. It touches everyone and it does make a difference.

We all have an ideal home that we aspire to create. It is a home that is safe and provides us sustenance…it is the foundation from which we can thrive. Our planetary home is in critical danger. Its ability to provide what we require is in extreme jeopardy. We as a species are at a critical threshold…we either begin to honor and tend to the health of our home or we die.


Compassionate Capitalism holds that business is the most pervasive and influential force on the planet and, because this is so, it is in the unique position to take responsibility for the whole. Our challenge is to live into the ideal that “the future of business is making the future its business.”

In this video Blaine Bartlett captures the encore of a concert of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons conducted in “his church” in Venice. The musicians and the music are masterful and timeless. Watch the conductor (the lead violinist) to observe a wonderful example of communication mastery and of leadership being the process of co-creating coordinated movement.

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